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Plan and save your calendar with favourites and reminders
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Event organizers
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Business owners
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Classic car 1 was first created for my own personal use…

“So far, my usual new year resolutions of attending or taking part at classic car events weren’t going much beyond bookmarks, notes and intentions.
Often the event had passed, was too late to enter or too far for a last minute trip.

I was also facing more events to choose from than I could remember after reading my favourite magazines.”

Alain Noirhomme

This is where Classiccar1.com comes in.

We’re here to help you move beyond ‘Post-Its’ in magazines into a format that helps you make the best of the ‘season.’

Whether it means a plan just to hop in an classic car and drive to an event an hour or two away, or more detailed planning of a trip to take in multiple events, we can help you.
Visiting a city overseas ? We can tell you what museums, car dealers, race tracks… you can drop in on.

Our Business Locator will tell you the people and parts suppliers that can help you get back on the road.

How could we not share this tool with all of you ?

ClassicCar1.com is a free website motivated by the experiences and passions of people who have faced these challenges and decided to make life a little easier for fellow classic car enthusiasts.

CC1 Team